Gnomes, Elves, Nixies ... A World-wide Knowledge

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Why are the elemental beings invisible to us? The world-wide knowledge of the elemental beings. The Bible and the elemental beings. The elemental beings and science. Do the forces of nature act blindly and destructively? A necessary knowledge. Gnomes, elves, nixies, the great “lords of the elements” and the gods of antiquity: are these beings from our childhood fairy tales and legends merely a product of our imagination, or do they actually exist? If we were to lay aside all of the exaggerations and distortions that may have crept into transmissions during the course of time, could there in fact be a kernel of truth in them after all? Is it possible that “elemental beings” or “nature beings” really exist?
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ISBN 978-3-87860-302-3
Auteur Christopher Vasey
Format 11.50 x 18.00 cm
Présentation Paperback
Langue English